pkg_replace -- upgrading installed packages

Update to 0.9.0 (RC2) (20080129):

Here is the latest version of pkg_replace(1) for testing. Call for testers!

What is pkg_replace?

pkg_replace is a utility for upgrading FreeBSD packages (ports) and NetBSD packages (pkgsrc). It is a replacement for portupgrade, provides the same features as portupgrade.

If you have any comments, please contact me at the following address.


If you are using FreeBSD, please install ports-mgmt/pkg_replace from the FreeBSD ports collection:

  1. cd /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/pkg_replace
  2. make install clean

For pkgsrc users, package is here (IT IS AN EXPERIMENTAL).

Otherwise, you can download the tarball from the project page, and install it.


pkg_replace provides the options that is compatible with portupgrade.

E.g.: pkg_replace -r perl; pkg_replace -x 'xorg*' -a; pkg_replace -FPa ...

See pkg_replace(1) and portupgrade(1) for details.

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